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Events - 07.17.2019

Celebratory Live Deer Dance Performance

Celebratory Live Deer Dance Performance



2:00 PM – 2:30 PM
5:30 PM – 6:00 PM


Hollywood & Highland Academy Awards Stairs area



Celebrating the world debut and launch of BAKERU: Transforming Spirits, JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles presents a special performance of Shishi-Odori by dancers from Tokyo Shishiodori and Gyouzanryu Maikawa Shishiodori, organizations dedicated to preserving Shishi-Odori and traditional local culture, taking place at the Academy Awards Stairs area in Hollywood & Highland. After the performance, guests are invited to join in the experience by visiting the interactive and complimentary exhibition, BAKERU: Transforming Spirits in the JAPAN HOUSE Level 2 Gallery.

About Shishi-Odori

Shishi-Odori is a popular tradition with many variants, handed down from generation to generation and performed as a ritual on different occasions. Though varied in style and form, a main feature is the dancers’ elaborate costume, which conceal their identity and transforms them into heavenly messengers. The dance originated from the strong connection between people and nature in the Tohoku region, where lush mountains are home to various wild animals. People may have initially dressed as beasts as an offering, in order to express their gratitude for nature's gifts.

About BAKERU: Transforming Spirits

BAKERU: Transforming Spirits, is a participatory exhibition inviting visitors to step into the supernatural world of Japanese folk traditions through a process of transformation (bakeru means ‘transform’ in Japanese). It is also a space of connection in various ways—the connection between the long-lasting folk traditions and the fast advancing digital technology, between the northern region in Japan and the world, and between the everyday space and the space of festivities. Check Exhibition.

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