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Curated products from Japan at WAZA shop

raden glass by Amano Shikki  


WAZA introduces both modern and traditional items, as well as those that bend the boundaries between the two. Our 2nd level space showcases an eclectic mix of sample products that are available to purchase online to offer a hands-free shopping experience, that reflect the several facets of Japanese culture including: dining, home, fashion, and more.

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For more information, call (646) 588-0224.

In-Person Shopping Hours:
Click for February Schedule

Below hours are subject to change. Please call (646) 588-0224 for confirmation.

February, 2024
Tue. – Sun. | 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Creating a New Era from Kansai | Union of Kansai Governments Products
Available for a Limited Time

As part of the new “Union of Kansai Governments”, the region’s prefectures and cities in have come together to launch “Creating a New Era from Kansai”, an initiative spotlighting culture and industry in Kansai, including design producers. WAZA is proud to present products from Osaka and Hyogo prefectures and Kyoto, Osaka and Sakai cities that illustrate the richness of Kansai’s design landscape until February 29, 2024.


WAZA logo


About WAZA
Founded in 2011 in NYC, our mission is to showcase traditional Japanese techniques and modern design. Combining the Japanese concepts of “Wa,” an ancient word for Japan that also means harmony, and “Waza” for master craftsmanship, we derive our name out of respect for our heritage and the skill developed through our history and culture.

wallet by Morfo

bag by Fumikoda

green vessel by Koizumi Seisakusho

colorful bows by Nagashima

glass vessels by Amano Shikki

Dainobu soy sauce

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