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Events - 02.23.2021

Conference I | The Next Phase in U.S.-Japan Defense Cooperation

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02.23.2021 (Tue.)


12:30 PM - 2:00 PM (PST)





The threats posed by China and North Korea to the peace and stability of the Indo-Pacific have been growing rapidly in recent years, with China reforming its military to enable it to better project power in the maritime, air and space domains and North Korea advancing its ballistic missile and WMD capabilities to coerce and attack regional actors. For their parts, the U.S. and Japan have been engaged in debates over how best to respond to ensure continued effective deterrence and defense.

This year, RAND and JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles will host the "The U.S.-Japan Alliance Conference Series" consisting of two webinars. On February 23, 2021, RAND and JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles will host a seminar on the future of U.S.-Japan defense cooperation against the backdrop of Japan’s cancellation of the Aegis Ashore ballistic missile defense system and associated debates over whether or not to procure counter-strike or “enemy base attack” capabilities and the implications of these choices for allied planning on roles and missions. Former U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy (2013–2017) will offer a set of keynote remarks on the importance of the alliance for the two countries and experts from Japan and the U.S. will describe how debates over these questions are seen from the perspectives of Tokyo and Washington.


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*This webinar will be recorded for archival purposes.



The U.S.- Japan Alliance as the Cornerstone of a Free and Open Indo-Pacific

Ambassador Caroline Kennedy
Former U.S. Ambassador to Japan (2013 - 2017)


Japan’s Policy Debate Over Missile Defense, Counter-Strike, Jointness, and Force Modernization Requirements

Satoru Mori
Hosei University


Next Steps in U.S.-Japan Defense Cooperation in the Wake of the Cancellation of the Aegis Ashore Acquisition

Jeffrey W. Hornung
Political Scientist, The RAND Corporation


Scott W. Harold
Senior Political Scientist, The RAND Corporation

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