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Events - 05.18.2019

Discovering Aged Sushi with Chef Kouji Kimura

Photos by Emiko Fukuda



11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
2:30 PM – 3:30 PM


JAPAN HOUSE INN ANN Restaurant, Level 5



Master of aged sushi, Chef Kimura presents a "light omakase". Attendees will sample a selection of his special dishes, featuring fish exclusive to Los Angeles. The price is for food only. Sake specially selected by Chef Kimura is also available as a separate add-on.


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Chef Profile

Kouji Kimura
Chef Kouji Kimura is regarded as a visionary in the sushi world. His ground-breaking experiments in jukusei-sushi (aged sushi) has led to accolades from sushi connoisseurs, publications such as the Condé Nast Traveler, and the Michelin guide, which awarded him two Michelin Stars five years in a row. His pioneering work has led to a reputation for innovation that pushes the boundaries of the sushi world, and today, he is considered the master of the sushi-aging technique.

A native of Tokyo, Chef Kouji Kimura was born into the sushi business—his father and grandfather were both sushi chefs who ran successful restaurants serving sushi in the edomae­-style which uses vinegar-seasoned rice as a base and neta (raw seafood) as topping. Seeing the joy in diners who ate their sushi, Chef Kimura was inspired to join the family business himself and eventually opened his own restaurant, Sushi Kimura, in the suburb of Futako-Tamagawa in Tokyo, hoping to attract customers who were looking for a fully-immersive sushi experience.

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Determined to create sushi that differentiated itself from others, Chef Kimura began to experiment in aging sushi after noticing still-edible portions in seemingly spoiling blocks of white fish that was leftover at the end of business day. Through continuous trial and error, he discovered a method of extracting fish and aging it to create a deeper, complex flavor that imparts unique and interesting flavor notes to the palate. In addition to experimenting with fish, Chef Kimura has expanded his interest in perfecting the unsung hero of sushi: rice. Chef Kimura’s sushi rice is firm as it absorbs vinegar into the center of the rice grain making it the perfect accompaniment to aged sushi.

Chef Kimura continues to explore new sushi techniques at his restaurant, Sushi Kimura, while also maintaining a busy schedule traveling abroad, sharing his passion for aged sushi and showing sushi-lovers all over the world an innovative culinary experience.

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