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Events - 05.13.2020 - 10.15.2020

Drawing Class 3 | Animals 101




JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles YouTube channel



If there’s a budding artist in your family, get out your sketchpads! Los Angeles-based illustrator and animator MinoMiyabi will be your guide through a series of short, fun instructional videos (7-10 minutes each) specially tailored for children & families – no experience required.

Each episode will focus on one subject, starting with creative variations on the classic ‘smiley face’ leading into drawing techniques for the development of more detailed facial expressions. In successive videos, the audience will be encouraged to apply the methods from the clips, referencing various Manga and Anime styles, to draw their own characters, family members, and animals.

Episode 3 | Animals 101

What makes a character look like an animal instead of a human? MinoMiyabi will help viewers create enough furry friends to fill a zoo. First he’ll share key features that differentiate a dog from a cat, rabbit, horse, lion, and others. Then, in both front and side views, viewers will learn how to express animals’ personality – whether cute or scary, funny or brave – and gain tips on how to show action and motion as well.

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Full Program Details | Episode 1 – Episode 4

● Episode 1 | Emotions with a Simple Smiley Face!
● Episode 2 | Build Your Own Characters
● Episode 3 | Animals 101
● Episode 4 |  Drawing Characters in Perspective

Participant Information

Audience | Designed for families and kids of all ages!
Materials | Pen/pencil and paper
Videos | JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles YouTube channel

About MinoMiyabi

Born in Yokohama, Japan and based in Los Angeles, MinoMiyabi is an illustrator and animator focused on the balance of aestheticism and consistent logics. After developing his career in an animation studios as a layout artist/animator, he became a freelancer doing illustration, animation, storyboarding, and concept design for clients such as Walt Disney Imagineering and Shinca Entertainment founded by Shin Koyamada, a well-known actor in “The Last Samurai“.

Episode 1 Emotions with a Simple Smiley Face!

Episode 1 Emotions with a Simple Smiley Face! © MinoMiyabi

Episode 2 Build Your Own Characters

Episode 2 Build Your Own Characters © MinoMiyabi

Episode 3 Animals 101

Episode 3 Animals 101 © MinoMiyabi

Episode 4 Drawing Characters in Perspective

Episode 4 Drawing Characters in Perspective © MinoMiyabi

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