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Events - 06.15.2024

Furoshiki Wrapping |
Living a Sustainable Lifestyle

Photos by Kumi Corsa / The Art of Japanese Gift Wrapping


06.15.2024 (Sat.)
09.14.2024 (Sat.) *Registration page coming soon


10:30 AM – 12:30 PM
02:00 PM – 04:00 PM


JAPAN HOUSE Salon, Level 5


$50 (Includes a large 35-inch square furoshiki to take home)

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Starting this summer, discover the traditional Japanese art of furoshiki in a series of seasonal workshops. For over two millennia, the versatile square cloth known as furoshiki has been a refined, sustainable approach to “wrapping” in Japan, employed for everything from gifts and groceries to daily essentials. In Japanese culture, the art of wrapping condenses respect for nature, dialogue with spirituality, and a way to communicate intangible feelings between giver and receiver. Furoshiki is perhaps the most flexible and practical type of wrapping that can be used in so many ways. Today, it stands out as an elegant and environmentally conscious alternative to single-use packaging, and is easy to learn for all ages.

Following on popular programs on furoshiki at JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles and our WAZA shop, this series aims to help participants incorporate furoshiki into their daily lives as an eco-friendly routine, a beautiful cultural tradition, and a creative activity for the whole family to enjoy.

With the guidance of an expert instructor, participants will learn about the historical background of furoshiki, as well as the etiquette of Japanese gift culture that shaped different furoshiki styles and their meaning (as explored in this article on Japanese wrapping techniques). Especially when used for gifts, subtle details of furoshiki can convey respect and care that go far beyond pleasing aesthetics. Next, the hands-on practice session will cover practical techniques starting with basic knotting and cover some specific wrapping techniques as well, such as fashioning a bag for the farmers’ market, or packaging rectangular objects like lunchboxes, or stylishly wrapping up a wine bottle for a home party.

Participants will come away with their very own furoshiki cloth to take home, and the knowledge to continue using in their daily life as a way to reduce waste and channel the versatile beauty of this tradition. With a single cloth, sometimes known as “the infinite square”, furoshiki can empower us to weave ancient sustainability into our lifestyles in a way that’s never been more relevant.


*Subject to change

• Opening remarks (5 min) 
• Introduction (10 min) 
• Practice (90 min) 
• Q&A with light refreshment (10 min) 

About the Instructor

Photo by Kumi Corsa / The Art of Japanese Gift Wrapping

Kumi Corsa
Kumi grew up in Tokyo, Japan and became fascinated with the Japanese tradition of furoshiki at an early age. She has collaborated and held sustainable holiday furoshiki gift-wrapping events with various luxury lifestyle, fashion, beauty and wellness brands and retailers, including well-known Certified B companies such as French fashion house Chloe and Australian beauty brand Aesop. Kumi has also held furoshiki workshops and corporate training events for local organizations, libraries and schools. She is based in Los Angeles ... Read more.

but travels around the world to hold workshops and spread the practice and message of the beautiful, sustainable and incredibly versatile Japanese tradition of furoshiki. @artofjapanesegiftwrapping |

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