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Events - 05.28.2020 - 10.15.2020

“Homefound” Arrangements




JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles YouTube channel



Flower arrangement has a long history in Japan, and a new wave of Japanese designers around the world are bringing these traditions to life in fresh ways. After learning the basics, you can keep building your floral skills by experimenting with color, surfaces, and even found objects introduced into your arrangement.

In this virtual workshop, Takeshi Nakamura from Angeluck Custom Design Florist will draw upon the Japanese reverence for the healing power of plants to add depth to floral designs. He’ll guide viewers to locate common greens ranging from house plants, flowers, and stones easily obtained from personal gardens and neighborhoods, and combining with vessels found within the home, present a template for a creation unique to each individual. By the end of the workshop, participants will come away with not only beautiful arrangements, but also a sense of calm and reconnection to nature.

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Mr. Nakamura will be introducing two arrangements that do not require any special floral supplies:

Materials for Rocky Vessel Arrangement

  • A Ramen bowl (or other deep stable bowl)
    • 8” to 9” in diameter, and 4” to 5” deep
  • Garden stones of various sizes to fill your bowl
    • 1/2” to 1” in diameter is preferable; Rinse your stones before use
  • Flowers and Greenery
    • Colorful blooms with stems, local grasses, and house plant leaves
  • A pair of garden or kitchen scissors to trim stems
  • Several rubber-bands
  • Water to fill your bowl

Materials for "Homefound" Arrangement

  • A basic Mason jar, or other common glassware
  • Flowers and Herbs gathered from inside and outside your home
    • Large leaves with stems make a good foundation!
    • Blooms of similar tones work well
  • A pair of garden or kitchen scissors to trim the bough heights
  • Fresh water to fill your glassware

Instructor Profile

Takeshi Nakamura
Takeshi Nakamura was born in 1963, and got his start at the Florist Training Institute in Tokyo. While in Japan, Mr. Nakamura won many awards for his work, including gold prizes in the Japan Flower Network and the Nippon Flower Designers’ Association exhibitions. Before traveling to the United States in 1985, he also studied and received certification in the Ikenobo school of traditional flower arrangement. In 1989, he traveled to Holland to study under two-time world champion of floral design, Mr. Pitt Fandelberg, and in 1990, he opened his first Angeluck flower shop on Melrose in Los Angeles. Since then, he works with many American and Japanese celebrity clients and others to realize their floral needs. (Photos provided by Takeshi Nakamura)

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