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Events - 12.14.2019

Japanese Food Lab presents New Year’s Mochi




11:00 AM – 1:00 PM


JAPAN HOUSE Salon, Level 5



Join us for a special holiday Japanese Food Lab dedicated to mochi, the sticky pounded rice that is one of Japan’s most beloved and versatile foods. Also known as glutinous rice cake, mochi is utilized in everything from sweet confections to hearty stews, and is an essential part of traditional Japanese New Year’s celebrations. Making and eating mochi is an age-old ritual to ring in the New Year, and each prefecture across Japan has its own variations on how mochi is prepared, cooked and served. The preparation of mochi is called mochi-tsuki, and involves pounding rice in a usu, a large wooden or stone bowl, using a kine, a hammer-like wooden mallet, until it forms into a smooth paste. It’s shaped into smooth white orbs and then forms the basis of the typical New Year’s soup, ozoni.

In this workshop, participants will get to experience mochi-tsuki first-hand, creating their own mochi before tasting various types of ozoni from across Japan.

As many Japanese have nostalgic feelings of making and eating mochi with their families from childhood, it’s the perfect workshop for the entire family to make some new mochi memories together!

* Not suitable for vegan or vegetarians. Come in casual clothes as mochi-tsuki involves some physical activity and rice flour may get on your clothes. Children are most welcome.


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