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Events - 08.17.2019

Japanese Food Lab | Chef Series by Atsushi Nakahigashi | Studying Seasonal Dishes

Miso Soup
All photos by Yusuke Nishibe



12:00 PM – 2:00 PM or 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


JAPAN HOUSE Salon, Level 5



When it comes to Japanese cuisine, rice and miso soup are the foundations of a Japanese meal. While they may seem simple and unassuming, it takes skill and patience to elevate these dishes to perfection.

Join Chef Atsushi Nakahigashi, who helped launch Kajitsu, a Michelin-starred traditional shojin (vegetarian Buddhist monastery cuisine) restaurant in New York in a special two-day event where he will share his insights on Japanese cuisine and show in a live demonstration how to make Japanese dishes that are satisfying and easy to recreate at home. This event will feature dishes such as miso soup with seasonal vegetables, and rice made in a donabe, a traditional Japanese cooking vessel made of special clay. Used to create one-pot meals that are usually shared communally over the dinner table, a well-cared for donabe can last for years and become a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation.

Using local farmer’s market ingredients, learn how to make vegetable miso soup and takikomi gohan (seasoned steamed rice with vegetables and assorted ingredients). Chef Nakahigashi will also share his philosophy on the versatility of Japanese food and the concept of eating sustainable, seasonal produce. *Same class offered twice.


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Chef Profile

Atsushi Nakahigashi
Atsushi Nakahigashi is the founder of the innovative food and beverage company NAKAHIGASHI in Kyoto, Japan, and One Rice One Soup INC. in NYC. An accomplished chef, Atsushi was born into a storied restaurant family in Kyoto. He began cooking professionally at the age of 12 at his father’s renowned Michelin-starred restaurant Soujiki Nakahigashi. After high school, Atsushi moved to the United States to compete as a professional bass fisherman. But at age 23, he felt the pull of his roots and decided to return to cooking. He arrived in New York, where he helped launch the Michelin-starred Kajitsu, the only restaurant in the city that serves traditional Buddhist Shojin vegetarian cooking. Atsushi spent six years at Kajitsu, rising to the position of sous chef and general manager.

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While at Kajitsu, Atsushi discovered the joy of explaining the meaning of Japanese cooking to customers seated at the dining counter. This experience inspired him to found NAKAHIGASHI, and One Rice One Soup INC. to disseminate Japanese culinary knowledge outside Japan. Atsushi now helps create Japanese restaurants and promote traditionally produced Japanese ingredients around the world.

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