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Events - 10.30.2019

Lacquer Workshop and Demonstration with Artisan Jun Tashiro

Japanese lacquerware



6:00 PM – 7:30 PM


JAPAN HOUSE Gallery, Level 2



Japanese lacquerware is renowned the world over, used in a variety of decorative arts from lacquer paintings and prints to spiritual objects and utensils for daily use.

Long practiced only by skilled dedicated artisans, JAPAN HOUSE presents an introductory level lacquer workshop and demonstration with artisan Jun Tashiro. In connection with the opening of the exhibition, JAPAN 47 ARTISANS, participants in this workshop will have the unique opportunity to create a personal work of art through a method combining lacquer and gold leaf on a board. A drawing etched with a bamboo stylus into the gold leaf will complete the process. This traditional technique though simple and easy to follow, leads to stunning pieces that catch the light!

Japanese lacquerware techniques and traditions vary across the country. Jun Tashiro’s Iwate prefecture is known for its Hidehira-nuri ware incorporating striking golden sheets, but these delicate pieces are more often seen as art objects for special occasions than a part of everyday life. The artist is trying to change that, by making lacquerware more accessible to the general public through her pop sensibility. She often uses kintsugi, or golden joinery, for a mix of high-and-low in her craft work. In this workshop Tashiro will offer a look into Japanese lacquer methods and guide participants in combining their individuality with traditional lacquer techniques in the creation of a one of a kind work.

The workshop and demonstration are open to all ages, minors must be accompanied by an adult. For those under elementary school age, the process of applying the lacquer and foil will be done under the supervision of an adult. All materials will be provided. The estimated workshop time is 90 minutes.

Note: Some people may experience allergic reactions such as a rash to urushiol, found in the tree sap used to produce lacquerware. All participants will be required to put disposable latex gloves, as allergic reactions usually happen when one touches urushiol directly. Depending on variables such as physical condition and the weather, you may experience allergic reactions even without touching urushiol directly. Please keep the above in mind when signing up and participate at your own risk. JAPAN HOUSE and its associates shall not be liable for damages or injuries arising from your participation to the workshop.


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Japanese lacquerware
Japanese lacquerware
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