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Events - 01.17.2019

Master Class with Naomi Kawase | The Possibilities of Film

Master Class with Naomi Kawase: The Possibilities of Film



1:00 PM – 2:30 PM


TCL Chinese 6 Theatres, Theatre 6
Hollywood & Highland
6801 Hollywood Blvd., Level 3



Often seen as a stepping-stone for directors toward longer format films, the short film remains an under-utilized and under-appreciated medium in the US. In Japan and Asia, however, short film is quickly evolving and expanding, due to digitalization and a greater demand for short-length and easily-consumable media. The format embraces all genres, including drama, documentary, music video, and the recently-emerging “branded short film” produced by companies for marketing purposes.

As part of "Short Shorts Film Festival in Hollywood," JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles and Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia present a master class led by Naomi Kawase, celebrated director of Sweet Bean (2015) and Radiance (2017), on the theme of "the possibilities of film." It will be moderated by Akira Mizuta Lippit, professor at the University of Southern California.

Kawase, who has directed over 47 films including documentary, short film and feature film formats, is known for a documentary-realism approach that explores the distorted space between fiction and non-fiction that has occurred in modern society. She has received international recognition and many awards, such as the Grand Prix at the Festival de Cannes, and she was the first Japanese member selected as a juror at Cannes.

This class will offer an in-depth discussion of the possibilities of film and the short film format. Following the presentation and discussion, participants will view two of Kawase's short films, including the US premier of Parallel World (2017).

This program is ideal for students of film, film buffs, or anyone interested in learning more about the short film format and Japanese cinema.

Director Profile

Naomi Kawase
Born and raised in Nara, Naomi Kawase has been making films that consistently pursue “reality” while crossing the boundaries of documentary and fiction. She has received international recognition and many awards, such as the Grand Prix at the Festival de Cannes. Additionally, her new film “Vision” (2018/ Starring Juliette Binoche) and other recent films have extended her creative activities to the whole world, and she founded the Nara International Film Festival in her hometown; devoting herself to training younger directors.

Moderator Profile

Akira Lippit
Akira Mizuta Lippit is Professor in the Division of Cinema and Media Studies. He is also Professor of Comparative Literature and East Asian Languages and Cultures in the USC Dornsife College. His interests are in world cinemas, critical theory, Japanese film and culture, experimental film and video, and visual studies. Lippit’s published work reflects these areas and includes four books. He regularly teaches, lectures, and publishes in Japan, where he is a founding editor of the visual culture journal Ecce.


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This master class is part of a film festival featuring an evening screening of short films. Check Event for more information.

Co-presented by Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles

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