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Events - 06.07.2022

Movie & Bites |
Goddess of the Line: Journey to the Ultimate Ramen!

Goddess of the Line: Journey to the Ultimate Ramen poster

06.07.2022 (Tue.)


6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (PDT)


JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles Salon, Level 5



JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles’s popular Movie & Bites series’ new program features the debut episode of the Japanese serialized drama, “Goddess of the Line: Journey to the Ultimate Ramen!” (Gyoretsu no Megami - Ramen Saiyūki) [Length: 45 minutes]. This new Japanese television series is based on the popular manga in which the main character, Tatsumi Serizawa, is the owner of a ramen restaurant that draws long lines of customers every day. She is also a food consultant and gives a jump-start to struggling or financially distressed ramen shops. One day, customer Yutori Shiomi tells her that the ramen she ordered – a new item on the menu – was not delicious. She applies for a job with Serizawa and promises, despite her lack of professional experience, to help to improve her ramen.

The screening will be followed by a simple recipe demonstration and ramen tasting, featuring toppings that can be used to take your ramen at home to the next level. The event will provide cooking tips and recipes for making the most popular ramen toppings: seasoned eggs (ajitama) and braised pork chashū.

Guests will receive take-home ramen kits to try on their own.

*Japanese dialogue with English subtitles.
**This event not suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The ramen will include soy, wheat, egg, milk, and fish. No takeout containers are provided for leftovers.

Program Schedule

  • Goddess of the Line: 45 min
  • Recipe demonstration: 25-30 min
  • Ramen tasting: 30-45 min


Instructor Profile

Nobuaki Ishiai is a co-founder and the president of Tokyo Ramen Market established in 2020. He has been engaged in multiple aspects of the ramen industry for 20 years including managing ramen shops in San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, and Orange County. Currently, in the Tokyo Ramen Market, he is engaged in individual food sales, wholesale and production business, and culinary events while running a factory supplying chashū to ramen shops and retailers.

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