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Events - 06.12.2019

Movie & Bites | Midnight Diner

Midnight Diner
©2009 Yaro Abe, Shogakukan Inc./Shinyashokudo Production Committee



6:30 PM – 8:30 PM


JAPAN HOUSE Salon, Level 5



JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles presents the second installment of “Movie & Bites,” a combined film screening/culinary tasting event that recreates mouth-watering dishes featured in acclaimed contemporary Japanese film and television.

Join us for a two-episode screening of “Midnight Diner” (Shinya Shokudo), the small-screen adaptation of a popular Japanese comic series by award-winning artist, Yaro Abe. Currently streaming on Netflix and also popular in China and South Korea with their own adapted versions, "Midnight Diner" depicts the triumphs, hardships, humor, and most of all, humanity and grace, of those working the glamorous yet seedy Tokyo night scene, shown through their stories and the foods most memorable to them in their lives.

Taking place at a small, back-alley Tokyo diner open only from midnight to 7AM and known to locals as the "Midnight Diner,” a motley mix of patrons composed of yakuza gang members, a struggling actress, a trio of gossipy office workers, and more share their stories while the enigmatic chef-owner, the “Master,” prepares any dish they desire, as long as he has the ingredients on hand. Each episode chronicles the heart-warming, sometimes tragic yet poignant stories of the patrons and features a special dish made by the Master that has a profound connection to the feelings and memories of his guests.

This event will screen two episodes from Season 1: Episode 1, "Red Wiener Sausages and Omelet" (Akai uinnaa to tamagoyaki), and Episode 7, "Egg Salad Sandwiches" (Tamago-sando), which will be recreated and served to participants, along with other dishes featured on the show.

*Japanese dialogue with English subtitles. Recommended for viewers 18 and older due to mature content and mild violence. This event is not suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


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