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Events - 08.03.2024

Movie & Bites |
“Our Little Sister” with Japanese Curry Experience

Left to right: Haruka Ayase as Sachi Koda, Suzu Hirose as Suzu Asano, Kaho as Chika Koda and Masami Nagasawa as Yoshino Koda 

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08.03.2024 (Sat.)


10:30 AM – 01:30 PM


JAPAN HOUSE Salon, Level 5



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As the next installment in our “Movie & Bites” series, JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles presents a screening of “Our Little Sister” (2016), directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Hirokazu Kore-eda, followed by a demo and tasting focused on an iconic Japanese dish.

Based on a popular manga, the Japanese film with English subtitles traces the lives of three sisters in a charming beach town whose lives are transformed by the arrival of their younger half-sister after the death of their estranged father. Throughout this heartwarming family tale, the film showcases a variety of delicious Japanese cuisine, featuring dishes such as Japanese curry, umeshu (plum wine), and aji fry (deep-fried horse mackerel), among others. These culinary elements of the film offer a glimpse into the cultural and familial bonds central to the story.

Following the screening, guests will have the opportunity to experience authentic Japanese curry as an essential comfort food and family staple. Chef Yoya Takahashi will lead a cooking demonstration and audience tasting, spotlighting curry as a versatile dish that is simpler than it looks and ideal for all occasions. As the Chief of Operations at Champion’s Curry USA, the US subsidiary of a Japanese curry chain restaurant originally founded in 1961, Takahashi will reveal his practical cooking tips, illustrate creative variations you can make in your own kitchen, and share the tasty results.

Guests will receive a box of Golden Curry Mix Mild 92g (S&B Foods) as a take-home gift.

Don’t miss the chance to discover this essential Japanese “soul food” in all its regional diversity, as well as learn how to prepare it at home as a new family tradition.

Program Outline

*Subject to change. Scroll down for additional information

• Remarks (5 min) 
• Screening of “Our Little Sister” (2 hr 8 min) 
• Introduction of Japanese curry (10 min) 
• Cooking demonstrations and tasting (20 min) 
• Q&A (10 min) 

Light Lunch Menu

*Subject to change

Japanese Katsu (cutlet) curry with white rice on a plate 
Photo Courtesy of Champion’s Curry USA


• Chicken katsu curry 
• Japanese plum jelly

* Allergens: Fish, dairy, egg, wheat, soy.
** This program is not suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The curry will contain pork, beef, and poultry. No substitutions available.
*** No takeout containers are provided for leftovers.

Synopsis | Our Little Sister (2016)

Directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda
Left to right: Kaho as Chika Koda, Suzu Hirose as Suzu Asano, Haruka Ayase as Sachi Koda and Masami Nagasawa as Yoshino Koda
Left to right: Kaho as Chika Koda, Haruka Ayase as Sachi Koda, Suzu Hirose as Suzu Asano and Masami Nagasawa as Yoshino Koda.
Suzu Hirose as Suzu Asano
Front to back: Oshiroh Maeda as F?ta Ozaki and Suzu Hirose as Suzu Asano.

"Our Little Sister," directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda, is a gentle and heartfelt film celebrating nature, belonging, and family love. Adapted from the manga "Umimachi Diary," it tells the story of three estranged sisters—Yoshi, Chika, and Sachi—who live together in their grandmother's house in a seaside town. Their lives change when they meet their teenage half-sister Suzu at their father's funeral and decide to bring her home. Suzu's presence brings joy and purpose but also highlights their emotional stagnation. How will their lives transform together? With its delicate and unhurried approach, the film beautifully portrays the subtleties of coming of age, family relationships, and the seasons of change in daily life.

Note: Japanese film with English subtitles.

Photo Credits: ©︎2015 Akimi Yoshida, SHOGAKUKAN, FUJI TELEVISION NETWORK INC., SHOGAKUKAN INC., Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

About the Chef

Chef Yoya Takahashi
Born and raised in Kyoto, Japan, Yoya Takahashi has been involved in the Japanese food industry in Los Angeles for over 20 years, but first moved to Los Angeles with aspirations of becoming an actor like his grandfather. It was here in Los Angeles that he first discovered his passion for sushi behind a bar in Little Tokyo, and built on his foundation in classical Japanese techniques to develop a culinary approach emphasizing fresh, local, seasonable, and sustainable ingredients. ... Read more.

Yoya’s first encounter with Champion’s Curry was when he was living in Kanazawa in the late 1990s. Six years ago, he happened to meet current CEO Keita Minami through a mutual acquaintance in Kanazawa. They shared a common desire to open a Champion’s Curry restaurant in the United States and to help spread the popularity and history of Japanese-style curry. Currently, Yoya proudly serves as COO at Champion’s Curry USA to promote Japanese-style curry in the U.S.

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