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Events - 10.11.2023

Artist Talk 2 | POKÉMON X KOGEI Artistic Journey

POKÉMON X KOGEI Artist Talk 2 | POKÉMON X KOGEI Artistic Journey  


10.11.2023 (Wed.)


05:00 PM - 06:15 PM (PDT)





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Join us for a series of inspiring Artist Pairing Talks as we delve into the captivating world of the POKÉMON X KOGEI | Playful Encounters of Pokémon and Japanese Craft exhibition. Immerse yourself in the creative brilliance of the remarkable artists who have contributed to this showcase of Japanese craftwork. The webinar series consists of three webinars, each featuring two artists.

This second installation of our artist talks for the POKÉMON X KOGEI exhibition featured two artists whose innovative assimilation of science and technology delivered incredible results in their craft interpretation of Pokémon. Taiichiro Yoshida’s intimate knowledge and depth of experience with his craft materials enabled him to imaginatively use their physical and chemical properties, while Terumasa Ikeda’s inlay creations incorporated modern tools and techniques into Japanese craft to realize impressive detail and incredible beauty. Join their webinar to learn more about their craft practice and how they used their unique approaches to rise to the creative challenge of exploring Pokémon through Japanese craft.

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About the Speakers

Photo by Hiroaki Shinohara

Taiichiro Yoshida
Born 1989, Tokyo Prefecture

Taiichiro Yoshida took on the challenge of creating Eevee and its original three Evolutions. Why Eevee? "Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green are memorable to me." It is also important to note that the various Evolutions of Eevee connect to the copper that is Yoshida's material. Here, the color and gloss of pure copper is showcased to the fullest in Eevee. Further chemical changes were used to produce bronze for Vaporeon, gold and silver gilding for Jolteon, and a traditional scarlet ...

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patina called hido for Flareon. The black used for the ears and other parts is also due to the sulfurization of copper.

In addition to their types, Pokémon are accompanied by various stories. Yoshida therefore took on the challenge of examining the material and thinking about the internal nature of the four Pokémon he chose, noting that even their casual appearances conceal hidden meanings. The glass cloisonné, which he used to create the largest eyeballs he has ever made, is infused with fluid light, delivering the joy of engaging with the creatures' inner thoughts.

Photo by Akifumi Nakagawa

Terumasa Ikeda
Born 1987, Chiba Prefecture

Terumasa lkeda's theme is "information." This was because he thought of it as "invisible (in concrete form), but in the current era it is a source of nourishment for people's hearts and minds." To express this "invisible" thing he chose raden, a decorative technique in which the nacreous layers of turban shells, abalone, and pearl oysters are ground into a plate-like form and affixed to urushi lacquer. In lkeda's work, minuscule geometric shapes and numerals cover the entire surfaces of containers.

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Using this technique, which evokes signals instantaneously running through the brain, he created four works for the exhibition.

There is a sense of excitement akin to that of selecting one's first partner Pokémon in the Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue, or of engaging with the "trading" system. The drama of Mewtwo, created through genetic engineering. The mystery of Unown, which seems to take on layers of meaning as you gaze at it.

The wonders of the Poké Ball to catch Pokémon of any size. The luminous stimulus of raden awakens memories, captivating the viewer's eyes and heart.

Artist Talk Webinar Series

This webinar series invites you to see the artwork from the POKÉMON X KOGEI exhibition from new perspectives and reveals deep insights into the conceptual and creative processes and craft techniques of the talented practitioners who are taking Japanese craft to new heights.

Talk 1 | Exploring Pokémon in Japanese Craft 
Featuring Keiko Masumoto x
Toru Fukuda Left: Charizard/Shigaraki Jar, 2022, Keiko Masumoto | Right: Flying, 2022, Toru Fukuda


09.12.2023 (Tue.)


05:00 PM - 06:15 PM (PDT)

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This first installment of this webinar series invited two artists whose work is notable for the deft and detailed manner in which they explored the form and appearance of Pokémon through their craft techniques.

Photos by Taku Saiki, Left: Charizard/Shigaraki Jar, 2022, Keiko Masumoto | Right: Flying, 2022, Toru Fukuda

Talk 3 | Pokémon and Japanese Craftsmanship
Featuring Haruo Mitsuta x
Yuki Tsuboshima Left: Articulated Gyarados, Haruo Mitsuta | Right: Transformable Ornament, Rookidee/Corviknight, Yuki Tsuboshima


11.15.2023 (Wed.)


05:00 PM - 06:15 PM (PST)

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In this final webinar, viewers saw these artists’ creative processes and techniques, as well as the movement and internal structures of their creations in ways that are not visible in the exhibition display.

Photos by Taku Saiki, Left: Articulated Gyarados, 2022, Haruo Mitsuta | Right: Transformable Ornament, Rookidee/Corviknight, 2022, Yuki Tsuboshima

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