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Events - 10.16.2022

Seafood Secrets of the Tokyo Islands | Workshop & Tasting

Hahajima islands from Japan

10.16.2022 (Sun.)


02:00 PM - 04:00 PM (PDT)


JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles Salon, Level 5



“The Tokyo Islands” refers to a group of over 200 islands off the coast of Tokyo, famed for their fish by local residents and worldwide chefs alike. However, for years, the seafood industry faced a challenge of transporting seafood from these remote islands to the city itself. Tokyo Gyoren is currently developing new strategies to make this unique seafood more widely accessible.

This in-person program dives into the world of Tokyo Islands seafood, as a culinary researcher introduces various types of fish and how to enhance their flavor by using techniques of traditional “Edomae” cuisine, which include cooking or curing steps.

Participants will also embark on a live virtual journey of Miyake Island as a local Japanese fisherman shares a glimpse of his fishing process. After introducing his fishing boat, he’ll describe the types of gear and techniques used while fishing, teaching first-hand information about seasonal fish, and more (based on the time and local conditions).

A culinary experience is included in the program with fresh seafood* and island sake tasting.

*Seafood tasting includes splendid alfonsio (kinme), ruby snapper, blue fusilier, and greater amberjack. Final selection subject to change based on fishing conditions prior to the program.

Professional-grade Nenohi knives will also be displayed for cooking enthusiasts who want to use this world-renowned cutlery at home.

The Tokyo Islands

Miyake-jima Island, Japan
Hachjo-jima island, Japan
Toshima island, Japan
Shikine-jima island, Japan
Mikura-jima island, Japan
Nii-jima island, Japan
Hahajima islands from Japan
Chichijima Island
Kozu-shima island, Japan
Aogashima island, Japan

Fishing Process

Miyake fishing boat
Fishermen sorting fish
Variety of fishes

Examples of Splended Alfonsio (kinme)

Splended Alfonsio (kinme)
Splended Alfonsio (kinme)
Splended Alfonsio (kinme)

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