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Events - 12.15.2021

The History and
Significance of Kumihimo
in Japanese Culture 

replica of heian-period hirao sash  

Replica of Heian-period Hirao Sash, Courtesy of Domyo


12.15.2021 (Wed.)


05:00 PM - 06:00 PM (PST)





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Kumihimo are braided silk cords that have been made for over fourteen hundred years in Japan. Based on techniques introduced to Japan from the Asian continent in the sixth century, these cords evolved in Japan in complexity, color, style and patterns as they were incorporated into increasing areas of Japanese life. Initially used as decorative ties in the costumes and furnishings of the Imperial court and as detailing for religious shrines and equipment, the cords became integral elements of the arms and armor of the warrior classes and later decorative accessories for kimono.

Mari Hashimoto, Japanese art writer and curator of the JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles exhibition KUMIHIMO: The Art of Japanese Silk Braiding by DOMYO, examines the evolution of kumihimo throughout Japanese history and the many roles and functions of these braided silk cords in Japanese culture. 

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Speaker Profile

Mari Hashimoto is a Japanese art writer, editor and curator and is currently Deputy Director of Eisei Bunko, a private museum of the Hosokawa family art collection. She has authored several books including Bijutsu de Tadoru Nihon no Rekishi (Tracing Japanese History Through Art), Kyoto de Nihon Bijutsu wo Miru – Kyoto National Museum (A Look at Japanese art in Kyoto – Kyoto National Museum), Kawari Kabuto – Sengoku no Ku-ru Dezain (Fancy Helmets – Cool Designs from the Warring States Period).

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She has also coauthored SHUNGART and Hokusai Gensun Bijutsukan 100% Hokusai! (Museum of Full-size Hokusai Works 100% Hokusai). She has also curated exhibitions including the JAPAN HOUSE touring exhibition KUMIHIMO: The Art of Japanese Silk Braiding by DOMYO, writes regularly for Japanese newspapers and magazines and appears on art programs on NHK.

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KUMIHIMO: The Art of Japanese Silk Braiding

Photo by Yasuhide Kuge


12.11.2021 (Sat.) – 03.06.2022 (Sun.)


JAPAN HOUSE Gallery, Level 2



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