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#TinyArchitect - Architecture is Everywhere
Contest Winner Announcement


09.24.2020 (Thu.) - 11.20.2020 (Fri.)


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We received hundreds of outstanding submissions to our #TinyArchitect – Architecture is Everywhere social media contest that it was hard to choose a winner. But after reviewing the entries, iconic Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto has selected the winner and top finalists! Read on for a glimpse of their incredible work.

This fall, JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles and Sou Fujimoto Architects launched #TinyArchitect – Architecture is Everywhere, a social media contest inviting the general public to envision epic architecture on a small scale using their imagination by pairing only small figurines and daily household objects. The entries exceeded our highest expectations, with more than 400 submissions from the U.S. and Japan through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The range of entries created eye-opening landscapes from everything under the sun: dried noodles, bottle caps, sesame bagels, piano keyboards, forks, paper towels, and much more.

We want to thank every entrant for the creativity and passion shown in their submission, and we hope that the project brought a sense of community and inspiration at a time when it’s needed more than ever. View the winners below, and more selected entries on our website – and never forget that big inspiration can come in small packages!

“I'm grateful that so many people have applied to the contest.
I have found myself extremely inspired by the power of everyone’s imagination."
- Sou Fujimoto



Alexander Cheong | Alone In The Garden

Congratulatory Message from Sou Fujimoto

First prize video message  

Animation Video Prize

First prize video message  


Melanie Tran | Architectural Shadow Play

Congratulatory Message from Sou Fujimoto

video message for second prize  

Digital Poster Prize

second place poster


Sao Ohtake | Hand Pavillion

Congratulatory Message from Sou Fujimoto

video message for third prize  

Digital Poster Prize

third place poster


#TinyArchictect Of Eleanor & Maciej for JAPAN HOUSE LA
#TinyArchictect of Eleanor & Maciej 2 for JAPAN HOUSE LA
#TinyArchictect Of Tony DiBernardo for JAPAN HOUSE LA
#TinyArchictect Aya Sakurai for JAPAN HOUSE LA
#TinyArchictect of Jane Henry for JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles
#TinyArchictect of Colin Jecha for JAPAN HOUSE LA
#TinyArchictect Catherine Chang for JAPAN HOUSE LA
#TinyArchictect Catherine Chang 2 for JAPAN HOUSE LA
#TinyArchictect of Catherine Chang for JAPAN HOUSE LA
#TinyArchictect Of Alison Brummer 2 for Japan House LA
#TinyArchictect of Alison Brummer image 1 for Japan House LA
#TinyArchictect of Paul Kweton 2 for JAPAN HOUSE LA


1 & 2. Eleanor Davoll & Maciej Dzumala 3. Tony DiBernardo 4. Aya Sakurai 5. Jane Henry 6. Colin Jecha 7-9. Catherine Chang 10-11. Alison Brummer 12. Paul Kewton



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Presented by | JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles and Sou Fujimoto Architects
Supported by | TOTO GALLERY·MA

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