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Yes, KAWAII is Art | Harajuku Day in Hollywood

About Rin Castles

Rin Castles Courtesy of Rin Castles


The pioneering overseas model officially endorsed by none other than Sebastian Matsuda and the iconic brand 6%DOKIDOKI! World renowned for their range and unparalleled grasp of Harajuku fashion and KAWAII, Rin Castles has modeled both domestically and internationally representing esteemed Japanese labels including 6%DOKIDOKI, ACDC Rag, Angelic Pretty, BABY, the Stars Shine Bright, Listen Flavor, MILKBOY, and Royal Princess Alice. They also have had multiple appearances in Japanese publications such as KERA and Gothic Lolita Bible as well as being scouted and photographed by renowned fashion photographer Shiochi Aoki of FRUITS mag.

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