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News - 01.31.2019

Executive Chef Mori Onodera leads INN ANN Restaurant


Translating to “hidden retreat,” INN ANN offers a high-end kaiseki concept, seasonal Japanese tasting menu dining experience within JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles, evoking a serene sanctuary on the fifth floor of the bustling Hollywood & Highland. Bringing a taste of Japan to Hollywood, the innovative new dining room—which opened in November 2018—fosters discovery and curiosity, showcasing Japanese culture, traditions, and rich heritage through the lens of its cuisine. Rooted in the revered Japanese culinary philosophy, the menu incorporates local ingredients embracing Californian farmers’ market elements. Starting in January 2019, revered sushi and rice master, Chef Mori Onodera, is the Executive Chef at INN ANN.


Embodying the idea of “Discover Umami”—the fifth taste of savory and deliciousness essential to the balance of Japanese cuisine—INN ANN offers guests an intimate exploration into the culinary techniques, ingredients, and sensibilities of Japan. There are several types of set menus available to diners including Chef’s Signature Tasting Menu, Vegetarian Tasting Menu, Sushi Tasting Menu, and a la carte options. All of INN ANN’s seasonal tasting menus come with appetizers, soup, main dish, and dessert, and menus will vary based on what’s available in the local Los Angeles farmers’ markets, as well as unique produce and seafood sourced directly from Japan. Sample dishes from the Japanese seasonal menus will include:

  • Seasonal Sushi including vegetarian options
  • Kagoshima Wagyu Shabu-shabu
  • Kagoshima Wagyu Toban Yaki
  • Vegetable Bara Chirashi: vegetable bowl topped with house pickled vegetables



An esteemed sushi master, Chef Onodera once told Los Angeles Magazine, “Rice is 70 percent, fish is 30 percent,” highlighting the importance he places on the quality of the rice he serves. He grows his own short grain rice in partnership with Tamaki Farms in Uruguay, further establishing his renown as a rice connoisseur. Chef Onodera also meticulously sources fresh fish for his signature sushi, placing a major emphasis on sustainable seafood. At INN ANN, Chef Onodera brings his expertise in sushi and rice to the table, as well as a singular “mobile” sushi cart of his own design.


The Japanese-focused beverage menu features a selection of sake and shochu, a tight list of beer and wine, as well as tea and coffee. Focusing on rare and regional sake from all corners of Japan as well as Japanese riffs on classic cocktails, the drink menu at INN ANN includes options such as:

  • Nanbu Bijin Koshu: A rare aged sake not available in Japan; made especially for overseas connoisseurs
  • Miyazaki Martini: Kirishima shochu, fresh ground ginger, fresh squeezed Meyer lemon juice, and simple syrup crafted with Japanese light brown sugar
  • Shiso Mojito: Light rum, shiso leaf, house simple syrup, soda



Channeling the JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles aesthetic, the sleek yet serene 35-seat restaurant with an intimate sushi bar features unobstructed views of the city from the fifth floor of the Hollywood & Highland. The space juxtaposes soft gray hues with warm, natural tones of wood in paneling, tables, and countertops, punctuated throughout by lant ern-inspired lighting and bonsai tree and bamboo accents. Dishes come served on Chef Onodera’s own handmade pottery as well as custom Japanese porcelain Arita-Yaki dishware to further immerse guests into Japanese culture with all five senses.



Tuesday-Saturday 5:30-10 p.m.; Closed Sunday-Monday


Signature Tasting Menu: $100+
Vegetarian Tasting Menu: $80
Sushi Tasting Menu: $80+

À la Carte Menu

Appetizers: $6+
Sashimi: $12+
From the Grill: $10+
Sushi: $6+
Dessert: $8

Beverages (by the glass)

Japanese sake: $6+
Japanese shochu: $7+
Beer: $4-8
Wine: $9-20
Cocktails: $14
Tea and coffee: $2.50-4


Available through OpenTable; walk-ins accepted


Available in the JAPAN HOUSE Salon (1,818 square feet) or Library (659 square feet); contact


35 seats in dining room


Parking available at the Hollywood & Highland;
INN ANN offers parking validation for visitors

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