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News - 10.26.2021

‘Tis The Season For Thoughtfully Curated Holiday Gifts From JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles

glasses by AMANO SHIKKI, bag by FUMIKODA, cups by KOIZUMIYA

JAPAN HOUSE’s New Store, WAZA, Offers Eclectic Mix of Modern and Traditional Japanese Products with History – Making Unique Gifts for Everyone on Your List

LOS ANGELES – October 26, 2021 – With so many people looking forward to this holiday season with an extra sense of gratitude for the loved ones in their lives, JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles, a Japanese cultural destination in the heart of Hollywood, has curated a list of thoughtful gift ideas from their new store, WAZA. Each item offers a truly unique story of traditional craftsmanship and historical techniques that allows the gift recipient to experience a bit of Japan in a thoughtful and creative present.

WAZA features an eclectic mix of modern and traditional products in a unique physical space + digital hybrid retail concept. Showroom visitors will discover items reflecting facets of Japanese culture, including dining, home, and fashion. All items are only available for purchase online.

WAZA Gift Ideas

For the Spirits Enthusiast
• AMANO SHIKKI: Gold Hai Kaleidoscope Sakura (Price: $138.00)
The perfect glass to toast a special occasion, when sake is poured into the cups the raden pieces on the bottom are reflected in the glasses, creating a kaleidoscope effect. Since 1892, AMANO SHIKKI has been creating products melding traditional Japanese decorative elements with contemporary, Western concepts. The only company in the world to combine mother-of-pearl inlay with lacquer and glass, their signature raden glass reflects unique, colorful patterns from the bottom to its sides. Based in Takaoka, Japan, AMANO SHIKKI builds off the tradition of Takaoka Shikki, a regional lacquer technique once used for Samurai armor and decorative furniture.

For Hostess Gifts
• NOUSAKU: Wind Bell - Slim Gold
(Price: $105.00)
This wind bell is inspired by classic bells and makes a long-lasting, beautiful sound. The slim design gives a classic and timeless appearance. NOUSAKU has been crafting unique, handmade objects in Takaoka, Japan since 1916. With a traditional casting technique handed down over 400 years, they began with Buddhist alter fittings, tea utensils, and flower vases.

For the Fashionista
• FUMIKODA: Arianna Takaoka-Douki Shoulder Bag (Price: $1,903.00)
Featuring a turquoise blue metal on the surface, the Arianna is an elegant over-the-shoulder bag that can hold all your work essentials, such as a laptop and various mobile devices. The turquoise blue metal parts are made of Takaoka copperware hand-dyed by the artisans of Momentum Factory Orii – a traditional Japanese craft with a 400-year history. FUMIKODA is a cruelty-free brand dedicated to making environmentally responsible products. Their exquisite goods are made of non-animal leather using cutting-edge Japanese technology to recreate the patterns and texture of real leather.

For the Makeup Enthusiast
• KASHOEN: Makeup Brushes (Prices from $19.00 - $87.50)
A wide variety of makeup brushes catering to every need of the makeup enthusiast. KASHOEN is Japan’s oldest makeup brush maker, creating exquisite, quality brushes for over 130 years. They supply the largest cosmetic brands in the world, with their client list including illustrious VIPs and makeup artists. Established in Kumano, Hiroshima in 1883, their brushes were used for Japanese calligraphy (Shodo). They soon became the preferred brush of artists, then the makeup industry. Believing that “perfect craftsmanship creates perfect beauty,” a single brush goes through 50 quality checks.

For the Food Enthusiast
• DAINOBU: Kameya Wasabi Salt (Price: $9.50)
This delicious wasabi seasoning salt is a specialty of the Shizuoka prefecture and an ideal addition to any foodie’s pantry. Kameya Foods was originally established as a Japanese pickle manufacturing company in 1947 and is home to some of Japan’s best-quality foods such as wasabi, grown at the edge of Mt. Amagi. DAINOBU, a Japanese grocery store, was established in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan in 1916 and has been continuously owned and operated by four generations of the Dainobu family.

For the Entertainer
• KOIZUMIYA: Kanpai Bell Pair (Price: $204.00)
It is said since ancient times that sound has the power to remove negative vibes and settles the area to peace. These drinking cups were born under the concept of enjoying the soothing sound of kanpai (toasting). Two differently shaped glasses form a pair and are tuned in different pitches to create a beautiful chord when the two are hit together. Founded in 1887, KOIZUMIYA initially focused on manufacturing Japanese crafts but has shifted in recent years to developing meditation bells, made to support well-being and promote both stress-relief and relaxation.

For more information, visit the JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles website and social channels: FacebookInstagramTwitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

JAPAN HOUSE is an innovative, worldwide project with three hubs, London, Los Angeles and Sao Paulo, conceived by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. It seeks to nurture a deeper understanding and appreciation of Japan in the international community. JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles occupies two floors at Hollywood & Highland. JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles offers a place of new discovery that transcends physical and conceptual boundaries creating experiences that reflect the best of Japan through its spaces and diverse programs.

Location: 6801 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028

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