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A Popup Dining Series

In celebration of our current exhibition “The Art of the Ramen Bowl”, JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles invites you to dine at a delicious pop-up series showcasing the diverse flavors of Japanese ramen. From May through July, guests will be able to pair their visit to the exhibition with a trip to our fifth-floor restaurant space to experience the “residencies” of world-class ramen artisans. Scroll down for details.

Tsujita Miso Ramen
Keika Ramen
Bannai Kitakata Ramen
Mengyo Ramen
Butayama Ramen
Aburado Abura soba
Machida Shoten Ramen

For approximately 14 weeks, seven different ramen concepts will proudly represent a variety of regional ramen types (including Tokyo, Kumamoto, Fukushima, and Yokohama), as well as other ramen styles popular throughout the nation. To further bring the exhibition to life, the pop-up dining space will also be serving ramen in authentic Mino ceramic domburi bowls, similar to those showcased in the gallery from a region famed for its ceramics production for over 500 years.

For lunch, dinner, or an afternoon pick-me-up, it’s a rare chance to sample diverse ramen styles and deepen your understanding of a Japanese culinary tradition, all while relaxing in our re-opened restaurant space with sweeping views from Hollywood to downtown. Warning: after one bowl, you may need to return all summer long to feed your ramen obsession!

*Credit cards only; no cash sales
**This event not suitable for vegetarians and vegans
***Detailed menu, allergen list will be released two weeks prior to each pop-up
****Allergens: All ramens will contain at least include soy, wheat, egg
*****No takeout orders; no takeout containers are provided for leftovers





Miso Ramen Tsujita Miso no Sho logo

Flavor: Miso Ramen (Sweet and savory Tokyo-style miso ramen)
Restaurant: Tsujita Miso no Sho
• May 6 - 8
• May 13 - 15

Keika logo

Flavor: Keika Ta-Ro Ra-men (Rich, porky Kumamoto-style ramen)
Restaurant: Keika
• May 20 - 22
• May 27 - 29



Bannai Shokudo logo

Flavor: Kitakata Ramen (Ramen with a wide curly noodle and tender pork chashu)
Restaurant: Bannai Shokudo
• June 3 - 5
• June 10 - 12

Mengyo logo

Flavor: Seafood Ramen (Soup uses the essence of locally-sourced snapper and salmon, and the noodle is 100% millstone-ground wheat from Hokkaido.)
Restaurant: Mengyo
• June 17 - 19
• June 24 - 26



Butayama logo

Flavor: Wild Pork Mountain Ramen (New genre of ramen featuring a mountain of vegetables and unctuous pork back fat, atop wavy noodles in a rich pork soup with soy sauce, garlic, and thick-cut chashū.)
Restaurant: Butayama
• July 1 - 3
• July 8 - 10

Aburado logo

Flavor: No Soup Umami Fresh Oil Ramen
Restaurant: Aburado
• July 15 - 17

Aburado logo

Flavor: E.A.K. Ramen (Yokohama Ie-kei Ramen with thick noodles, pork, and soy sauce)
Restaurant: Machida Shoten
• July 22 - 24
• July 29 - 31

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