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Travel Videos - 08.27.2020

#ASMR Japan | Japanese Train

Japanese train leaving a train station  


Local railways in Japan are unique to their region and often have an original interior and exterior design that proudly promotes their locality. Although they travel at considerably slower speeds than the Shinkansen, this allows for a more scenic and leisurely ride through secluded villages and remote countryside locations, revealing hidden gems that would otherwise have been overlooked at a faster speed.

Even in small neighborhoods, local trains are a frequent sight, accompanied in advance by the sounds of the train rushing along train tracks and blaring warnings signaling to stop at railroad crossings. Local trains are an integral part of the community, connecting towns and cities and providing convenient, safe transportation across short distances.

Passengers go on a myriad of journeys across different and diverse landscapes when traveling by train, from enjoying a quiet, languid ride alongside green rice fields to being inspired by the scenic backdrop of rolling ocean waves a mere few feet away from the tracks. The Kamakura coastline, covered by black-sand beaches and lively restaurants offering fresh seafood, is a popular destination by train as its sun-drenched shores are almost perfect replicas of the beaches of Southern California. The surfing community took root on Kamakura Beaches during the ‘50s through the ‘70s and that ambiance continues to today.

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