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Events - 11.18.2021

Japan National Parks |
Hidden Views & Untold Stories

Japan National Parks | Hidden Views & Untold Stories  

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11.18.2021 (Thu.)


05:00 PM – 06:00 PM (PST)



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While the US’ National Parks evoke images of grand vistas, peerless mountains and timeless trees, mention Japan’s National Parks and most people have no real impression to work from. Still waiting to be discovered by most of the world, Japan packs incredible diversity and natural beauty into 34 parks across its archipelago. From mountains to the sea, snowscapes to tropical lagoons and everywhere in between; from soaks in hot springs (onsen) to thrilling rafting trips through narrow gorges, there is something for everybody and unique experiences waiting for each and every season.

Beyond natural beauty, Japan’s National Parks are unique in that they encompass existing towns and villages that live with nature as part of protected ecosystems, with unique and evolving local cultures and foodways ready to be experienced.

Join JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles along with Lucas BB — who for over 20 years has explored Japan’s back alleys and trade routes by hiking and biking — and Lemi Duncan — who spotlights Japanese history and culture on NHK WORLD-JAPAN/jibtv — for an eye-opening conversation that reveals insider tips for some of Japan’s best National Parks and the countless stories to experience there. This program also includes a special recorded message by Takahiro Okano, who has dedicated his life work to protect nature's bounty through the Ministry of the Environment.

Guest Speakers

Takahiro Okano | Director, Visitor Use Promotion Office, National Park Division Ministry of the Environment
Takahiro entered the Environment Agency (currently Ministry of the Environment) in 1997. As a National Park Ranger, he has experience on-site at Aso-Kuju National Park and Iriomote National Park.  His life work is to protect nature’s bounty while utilizing it to promote responsible and thoughtful regional development and revitalization. 

Lucas BB | Creative Director, Editor and CEO of Papersky Magazine and Knee High Media
Lucas B.B. Born in Baltimore, USA in 1971 and raised in San Francisco. Lucas has been creating widescreen, inspirational and organic media since the age of 12. He came to Japan in 1993 the day after graduating from the University of California. He was quick to find freelance work writing culture and lifestyle pieces for TIME magazine, WIRED and the JAPAN TIMES.
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In 1996 he bought a straw hat; rolled up his A.P.C. shirt sleeves and published TOKION, the fabled magazine that put Japanese youth culture on the global map. In 2002 Lucas began to wear cycle caps, grew a beard and created PAPERSKY. Via Papersky’s unique ethno-travel viewpoint he creates content that seamlessly blends and bends time, culture and nature into a fresh new flavor for the future. When Lucas isn’t walking 30km a day along Old Japanese paths or riding his bicycle in rural Japan, he’s probably relaxing in his garden and drinking mint tea.

Lemi Duncan
Lemi Duncan is a bilingual reporter, voice actor, actor, and MC with over 10 years of experience working in Japanese media including for various NHK WORLD programs. She will share from her experiences at Ise-Shima National Park where she traveled for the At One with Nature series, as well as her extensive travel experience around Japan.
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Lemi is a vegan and is passionate about living an environmentally sustainable lifestyle – something she especially loves reporting about. Although much of her work requires her to show her serious side, she is fluent in American and Japanese humor. When she’s not working, you can find her scuba diving, hiking, going to nature spots, kickboxing, working out, and traveling. After acquiring her PADI Open Water Diver license in 2018, she has gone diving in the oceans of mainland Okinawa, Ishigaki island, the Philippines, Guam, and Spain. She is now PADI Rescue Diver certified, and can’t wait for COVID-19 to come to an end so she can continue her diving journey.

Presented by

JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles and Japan Cultural Expo Project

Limited Time Display 

The National Parks of Japan – Stories to Experience


09.11.2021 (Sat.) – 11.28.2021 (Sun.)


11:00 AM – 06:00 PM


JAPAN HOUSE Gallery, Level 2



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