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UKA | Elevating the Art of Kaiseki

Japanese kaiseki dishes by UKA restaurant and logo

© JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles

UKA introduces the kaiseki haute culinary tradition of a multi-course, intricate Japanese dinner to a modern-day palate with a refined omakase menu that seeks to capture a particular essence of time, place, and the very best of Japanese cuisine. At UKA, the kaiseki small plates tradition comes to life not only via the considered, interlocal menu but through the experience itself, conveying a delicate and memorable approach to quality, inspiration, and flavor, and engaging all of the senses along the way. It’s an homage to the beauty of Japanese culinary culture and its many facets and a voyage through its timeless customs.

UKA is at the helm of esteemed Chef Yoshitaka Mitsue and Chef Shingo Kato whose combined passion and careful precision have led them to the heights of the culinary world, with experience in Japanese restaurants from Tokyo to France to Osaka and beyond, alongside personal appointments as private chefs to the UN Ambassador for Japan in New York. The chef duo’s exquisite approach to interlocally foraged ingredients and accoutrements at UKA shines alongside their careful aging and curing methods of preparing premium fresh seafood that draws out the flavor of the fish, a revered nod to Chef Mitsue’s early training in the fish markets of Japan. Chef Kato’s background in the art of French cuisine also factors into the UKA experience, with distinct nods to the country’s revered culinary cultures and touchpoints found in everything from perfectly paired and delicate sauces to the house made desserts and pastries. *Bios available, below.

Located at JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles’ restaurant space, home to various restaurant pop-ups since its inception in 2018, UKA’s new permanent space features an intimate dining room and Chef’s counter accommodating up to 30 guests per seating. The 1,187 square foot space, designed by Ryu Kosaka, juxtaposes soft gray hues with warm, natural tones of wood in paneling, tables, and countertops, punctuated throughout by lantern-inspired lighting and bonsai tree and bamboo accents. Large windows allow for sweeping views from Hollywood to Downtown Los Angeles.

Tue. – Sun. | 5:30 PM – 10:30 PM (PDT)
Mon. | Closed

JAPAN HOUSE Restaurant, Level 5
6801 Hollywood Boulevard,
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(213) 808-2021 /


Meet the Chefs

Chef | Yoshitaka Mitsue


Chef | Yoshitaka Mitsue
Born in Imari, Japan, Yoshitaka Mitsue first honed his skills in traditional Japanese cuisine in Osaka where he worked in kappo restaurants (a style of open-kitchen, multi-course meal originating in the Kansai region, similar to kaiseki), as well as seafood specialty establishments. From 2007-2014, he opened and ran his own popular chef’s table-style restaurant called Suzaku in Kobe, before moving to New York City to become the Chef de Cuisine at the official residence of the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations.

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After two terms entertaining world leaders and VIPs in this high-profile role, in 2017 he received the Minister of Foreign Affairs Award as the Outstanding Chef of the Official Residence. In 2020, he moved to Strasbourg, France, to take up his third appointment as Chef at the official residence of the Consul General of Japan, where he continued to refine his style of washoku (traditional Japanese food), with a special focus on handling bespoke menus for all types of diners, as well as elevating the sensory and seasonal aspects of fresh seafood.

Chef | Shingo Kato


Chef | Shingo Kato
Shingo Kato was born in Zushi, Japan in 1988, and early on, followed his love of cooking to culinary school at the Tokyo Seishin Technical College for Cooking. After graduation, he became an assistant professor and taught for six months before joining Tokyo’s historic Imperial Hotel Co. as a chef of French cuisine. As a rising star at age 24, he was selected to be the chef at the first official residence of the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations in New York and moved to the United States in 2013. He was well-received for his technical skills in French cuisine, ...

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from appetizers to desserts. At the same time, he discovered a deeper fascination with Japanese cuisine by supporting the Japanese chef who had arrived at the official residence with him. After completing his term of service in 2016, he returned to the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, until departing in 2019 to take up a new post as the official chef of the Embassy of Japan in Latvia. In 2021, Chef Kato made another return tour to the Imperial Hotel’s Parkside Diner, where until early 2023 he continued to entertain guests from around the world, specializing in presenting elegant French expressions while utilizing traditional Japanese techniques.



Dashi (Traditional Japanese broth) | Dried, smoked bonito flakes
Kaiseki appetizers on a plate
Sushi on a plate
A soup with simmered fish in a bowl
A variety of sashimi on a plate and wasabi
A variety of sashimi on a plate
Chawanmushi (savory egg custard)
Grilled fish on a plate

    *Concept Images

    UKA features a nine-course prix fixe menu with signature dishes including a palate cleansing Dashi for the Five Senses, with dried bonito aged in Japan; a Savory Egg Custard with a creamy, yet light balance of Japanese Uni, egg yolk and fresh Japanese Wasabi, grated by hand tableside; a Grilled Beef dish featuring two types of Japanese beef, including an aged Washugyu beef ribeye steak and a Wagyu filet mignon, served with a French-influenced Burdock sauce; house made Hojicha cheesecake and ice cream, and more. Across the menu, particular attention is given to the selection of seasonal, premium fish, meat and vegetables from both Japan and California, served on accompanying tableware, such as “Shigaraki ware” and “Echizen lacquerware,” that evokes the kaiseki tradition through its careful attention to detail, material and pottery style. A reference guide on the restaurant’s website provides information on the provenance of the evolving ingredients and tableware’s origins, reminding the diner of the thoughtful consideration given to every element of their UKA experience. An accompanying wine and sake pairing is carefully curated by the restaurant’s wine and sake sommeliers, respectively.

    Kaiseki Experience

    Omakase Kaiseki prix-fixe nine-course menu $300
    *Excluding beverages, tax, and service fees.


    Beverage Pairing

    Sake and Wine Pairing $120
     6-glass alcohol pairing blending rare sake and local wines

    Wine and Sake (750 ml or less): $75/bottle. 2 bottles maximum per table.


    Dietary Restrictions

    If you have severe allergies, please contact UKA at before making your reservation.

    Private Dining and Special Events

    For personalized private dining and event menus, please contact UKA at


    Our Name “UKA”


    The name “UKA” draws inspiration from “Ukanomitama-no-Kami,” the ancient god of grain and fertility in Japan. A symbol of food and abundance, this deity is deeply intertwined with the origins of Japanese cuisine, and we chose our name as an auspicious tribute to this heritage.

    UKA welcomes the people of Los Angeles to discover our blend of Japanese culinary traditions and California’s agricultural bounty. We hope to become a destination where local diners can experience the timeless yet fresh spirit of true Japanese cuisine.

    JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles 5th Floor Restaurant Space

    Photo by Wonho Frank Lee

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